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Will A Hoodia Diet Pill Be Effective
Doug Smith

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In the Kalahari Desert of South Africa grows the cactus like plant named hoodia. Sources report that this plant is an effective appetite suppressant. Of course the diet supplement companies want to make this hoodia sensation into a diet pill. The African Kalahari is the only place where hoodia gordonii can currently grow.

Once global news media aired stories about hoodia, there has been a huge demand for the hoodia diet pill. Attempts to reproduce hoodia's active ingredient in a lab have been difficult. Any company that could create artificial hoodia gordonii would become very wealthy. Until then, the only source of hoodia is the plant itself. The hoodia gordonii plants are protected under international laws.

How well would a hoodia diet pill work? There are many variables, and three have been isolated for discussion. They are the hoodia plant itself, exercise and diet, and possible placebo effects, as discussed below.

There is a great deal of anecdotal or word of mouth evidence that hoodia actually suppresses hunger. However, laboratory studies on the effectiveness of a hoodia pill are scarce. Some weight loss pills work by containing stimulants such as the banned drug ephedra or caffeine. Some hoodia pills might not contain any hoodia at all!

Nearly all weight loss pills claim the products work best when paired with healthy eating and a plan of exercise. These suggestions are often buried in the fine print. The Kalahari inhabitants ate raw hoodia during long hunting trips. Is it possible that all that exercise kept them thin instead of the hoodia? Probably not, because the hoodia plant kept their hunger away, it is claimed.

A hoodia diet pill, and similar weight loss products, are subject to the placebo effect. The desired outcome might occur because the user believes that it will. A hoodia pill will have to be taken regularly. This ritual will serve as a constant reminder of the customer's weight loss efforts, which much trigger unconscious healthier habits. This effect can occur whether the overweight person is taking a diet pill containing hoodia, or one that does not.

A working hoodia pill can't be developed until much more research is done. Examine your purchases of hoodia pills carefully to ensure it actually contains hoodia. A hoodia diet pill might perform better than expected, but some of the effectiveness might be due to other causes, depending on the person taking the pills.

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